There are many fax machines on the market which vary in function and quality. The latest models of fax machines predominantly have added features like scanner, printer and shredder attaché. So when looking for a fax machine you’ll need to take into account your requirements and needs.

Paper sizes are one thing to consider as it is now standard for fax machines to use A4 paper. However, there are some fax machines using thermal paper that allows for longer documents. Another important feature is memory capacity of the fax machine. This determines the storage capacity when a number of faxes come in and if the fax machine was to run out of paper. A delivery report is generally printed upon completion of the fax being sent about its status.

Quality of prints could also be extremely important from 600 x 600dpi in basic models up to 1200 x 1200 dpi in the best fax machines. Printing speeds may also be mentioned, but are a general guide as this depends on the details / data being transferred.

And know the lifetime costs for the fax machine for ink, toner, and paper as these will add up quickly. Expect a lifespan of at least 5 or more years. To work out cost per page, divide the capacity of the toner or ink cartridges by their price. Some other factors may be paper tray capacity where basic machines hold between 20-40 pages, while business grade fax machines will hold in excess of 400 pages, especially if you receive multiple faxes. You may also like details on what interface are required. These are just a few things to think about before purchasing a fax machine.

Here are two top rated fax machines:

Brother IntelliFax High-Performance Business-Class Laser Fax

Brother IntelliFax High-Performance Business-Class Laser Fax

This stylish business laser fax has an 8MB memory which can store up to 600 pages should the fax run out of paper. It can broadcast the one document up to 282 separate locations at the same time instead of having to fax each document separately to each individual location.

The Duel Access capability and Quick Scan allows you to scan faxes into memory in less than 3 seconds per page while sending or receiving a fax. The laser fax performance is high speed and reliable with low operating costs and is able to copy at speeds of 15 copies per minute as well as enlarge, reduce and sort.

The Brother IntelliFax has a 250 sheet standard paper capacity with a 50 page automatic document feeder. The automatic dialing station allows up to 232 numbers. This 32 touch keys with 200 fast dial locations, combined with an elevated monthly duty cycle and economical consumables to cope with the demanding business applications.

A second optional paper tray is available to hold an extra 250 pages for a high number of incoming faxes or it may be loaded with different sized paper. It has an inbuilt interface for parallel and USB connectivity for added printing needs. The IntelliFax has a super G3 33.6kbps support and battery backup which lasts up to four days. This is a versatile fax machine with the required features for all business needs.

Recent Customer Comments...

I own a store that sends faxes for customers, and I can tell you that this is a great fax machine for high volume faxing. Machines I've had in the past would choke on documents on even the lightest pastel colors. The scanning engine on this machine sees the background color, and ignores it, allowing those pages to be sent as quickly as if they were on bright white paper…If you're looking for a fax machine for your home, a multifunction printer that emphasizes printer features may be a better choice for you. But if you're in a business situation in which you need to do a lot of faxing, this is one heck of a good fax machine.

Warren Holzem

I bought this machine based on reviews from a number of users. We have used it for almost two years and it has functioned perfectly. I especially like the scan then send feature. We often load several documents at once to different phone numbers and just let it crank away. Never a problem. It is not cheap but it is professional grade.

Paul D. Woolfrey

Brother High Speed Laser IntelliFax

Brother High Speed Laser IntelliFax

This professional laser fax machine has a multitude of features which provides a high level performance. The Brother Laser IntelliFax is the leading choice of office based equipment with supreme style and fully featured laser printing with back-lit LCD display. It is compact in design with a front loading paper tray which is perfect in limited spaces.

This high quality Super G3 laser fax has 20 single touch dial locations for frequently used numbers which makes communication quick and easy. With 500 page memory storage for paper reception and transmission, you won’t lose that important fax.

Brother keeps the costs low to save you money and look after the environment. Like all Brother products the Laser IntelliFax uses a separate drum and toner, so only one needs to be replaced when required.

Recent Customer Comments...

This is my second brother laser fax machine… it's fast enough both in and out …Maybe commercial fax machines are faster but for my home based business its quite sufficient… What I really like about Brother is the ink cartridges; use them for my laser printer needs too. My cost per page are lower than HP ever was and I prefer having a dedicated fax better then an all in one….


If like me you are a non-mechanical type but always want quality products, this excellent fax machine fits that bill completely. I recommend it highly. It has clear printing and is so easy to use.

Frank Scoblete

Brother has one of the most extensive lines of facsimile machines with high quality performance for all business needs. From laser, inkjet and plain paper fax machines, Brother exceeds all others in design, quality, performance and low cost operations. You can rely on Brother for all home and office requirements, so look no further than a Brother for your business.

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